Web 2.0 Resources

What is web 2.0 ?

Website name/address
What is it?
How can you use it?
Who for?
Social bookmarking sites
Bookmarks that you can store online and share with others.
Use as a much more organised bookmarking system. Add highlights to pages etc
All ages- kids to adults.
Word cloud / word splash generator.
Enter keywords relating to a topic (for example an article you have read) and this site will generate a coloured word cloud.
All ages- kids to adults.
Online bookmark/favourites storage site.
Save your favourites online then you can access from any computer. Tag favourites for fast access.
Students in grade 3+, adults.
View Social Bookmarking in Plain English you tube clip
Online social networking and micro-blogging .
Find out what your friends / colleagues are doing. Good for sharing newly discovered online resources, networking
View Twitter in Plain English youtube clip.
A webpage that can be edited by several people.
Use this to organise an event with several people (saves countless emails) Students can use to display learning in a group.
Students in grade 3+, adults.
View Wikis in Plain English youtube clip
A website (blog) created by 1 person that other people can comment on and respond to.
Use this to keep a record of a learning journey, display classwork, and develop a learning community.
Students in grade 3+, adults.
View Blogs in Plain English youtube clip
A web based document processor that allows multiple users to access and edit same doc at the same time.
Students can develop slideshows, spreadsheets, word docs in a group with all members accessing docs at the same time.
Students in grade 3+, adults.
View GoogleDocs in Plain English youtube clip
An online photo sharing site.
Students can find photos of topics they are studying.
Adults can upload photos and share with friends /family.

Students in grade 5+, adults. (NB: photos are not age restricted)
View Online Photo Sharing in English you tube
Online brain storming tool (similar to Inspiration)
Students create prior knowledge brainstorms and compare to end of the unit knowledge.
Students in grade 4+, adults.
Create comics using your own photos.
Create short stories using photos taken with digital cameras.
Students in grade 3+, adults.
Online whiteboard that multiple people can access and edit.
In group work students can pen ideas / brainstorm etc.
Students in grade 2+ (younger students would need help with the collaboration part)
Online directory of all things web2.0
A great place to start exploring all things web2.0
Video clips suitable for use in schools
Students can upload created videos, watch tutorial etc
Students in grade 3+, adults.
A virtual world globe. An interactive atlas that you can zoom in on. Also provides photos and info on areas around the globe.
Students can use this in place of atlases. Good for studying countries.
Students in grade 2+, adults.
Create your own voki- (an avatar with your voice)
Use on blogs to add extra bling
Students in grade 3+, adults
A comic generator. Allows you to create comics using your own photos etc. (Trial software only)
Students can use this to create digital stories. Could be great for retelling history etc. (Could base on the Horrible Histories comic style)
Students in grade 1 upwards.
Create a Poster about your learning, thoughts and ideas
For brainstorming, reflection, ideas around a topic, personal publication, advertising
Students & teachers of all grades
An online tool that allows your class to brainstorm or add
reflection on a topic at once. No need to register, just use
straight away
Brainstorming for prior knowledge or reflection for evaluation of
a topic
Students, teachers
A collaborative space that students or teachers can brainstorm or reflect at the same time on an online PAD
Brainstorming, reflection, prior knowledge to a unit
Students from grade 3+, teachers