Resources to help students understand the structure:

Suggestions for how students can use ICT to present their biographies:

  • Use PowerPoint to display their biography. Use a new slide for each paragraph. Include a relevant picture on each slide. (These could be scanned or from ) Rather than having text on each slide, students could use the narration function to narrate their biogrpahies. (On the Slideshow tab in PowerPoint 2007, select 'Record Narration.')
  • Use Photostory to create a visual representation of their biography. Again, students could scan their own photos or use pictures from Students can narrate their story and even add background music that is relevant to each stage of their lives.

  • Use Wordle to create a word cloud for each section of their life. (Copy and paste each paragraph of their typed biography into )
  • Use Glogster to create an interactive poster displaying their life. Alternatively, students could create a Glogster poster showing their 'B' side. (The side of them that no-knows about.See here for an example) an example here: